What You Need to Know About the Man You're Dating

You're recently divorced or broken up a long time relationship and now you've met this new guy. How do you know if he's the one? There are some things you need to know about the men you date before you bring them into your life and introduce them to your children or your parents.

Do you have custody of your children? If you've brought someone of ill repurt or bad reputation into the lives of your children you need to know. You can bet your ex will investigate the new boyfriend's background and sue for full custody if he's had any problems in his history. You cannot afford to neglect this.

You Need to Know at a Minimum the Following:

1. Is he really divorced or is there a wife lurking in the background? Clients consistently come to us with questions about the man they're dating and fifty percent of the time that man is not single. Is yours?

2. Does he use drugs? Do you want marijuana or cocaine around your children? What happens if your ex finds out?

3. Does he have a criminal record? Is he a sex offender? Do you want this man in your house or apartment with your valuables when you're asleep or not there?

4. Does he over-indulge in alcholic beverages? Is it safe to let him drive your children around?

5. Is he a deadbeat or is he someone who can bring financial stablity into your life? Find out before your credit is ruined and his debts become yours.

You need to know. Let us help you answer these questions before it's too late.

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