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This site offers you the opportunity to learn more about Millennial Investigative Agency, founded in 1984 and its president, Steven Kerry Brown, former special agent and supervisory special agent of the FBI and author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Private Investigating.

Millennial Investigative Agency is staffed by former special agents of the FBI and other former law enforcement officers. We provide investigative resources to Attorneys, Corporations, and individuals. We work criminal and civil matters. 

We work all types of criminal defense matters from the most serious of  murders and death penalty cases, to misdemeanors where your client has been wrongly accused. We have a contract with the Justice Administrative Committe to accept payment from them in cases of court appointed representation or where your client has been declared indigent for costs. Call us. We can help.

We have a complete division that specializes in pre-employment backgrounds and tenant screening. See out sister website at www.hindsightinc.com.

There are five things you need to know about the person you're dating. Does the person you're dating have any of these problems:

Do you know if the divorce is final?
Criminal History
Consumes too much alcohol
Uses drugs
Is he/she financially stable?

'Click on our dating resource page and let us show how we can answer those questions for you.

Investigators in our firm are appointed by the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office and the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (Duval County) as Special Process Servers and can serve all non-enforceable process in the county without the necessity of any motion and order from the court. Our fees are reasonable and our servce is outstanding. Why wait on the Sheriff to serve that summons when we can get it done same day?

We specialize in Diligent Searches in Adoption Matters. The quickest way for an attorney to be sued for malpractice is to have a diligent adoption search go bad. You don't want a biological father coming to your office six months after an adoption saying, "if you'd only checked with the post office you could have found my forwarding address." We are experts in Diligent Searches. Don't risk your reputation by using someone with less experience and expertise.

Florida Statute Chapter 63.088 lists thirteen tasks that must be accomplished by a competent investigator when a father or mother's name is known but their location is unknown before you can terminate parental rights in an adoption matter. We have performed dozens and dozens of these matters and our affidavits have always been perfect. We provide a money back guarantee that our Affidavit of Dilgent Search will be accepted by the court. 

Normally our charge for this service is $750.00. However, we want to help facilitate adoptions of children to a good families. Considering current economic conditions we have lowered our standard fee to $500.00 until June 30, 2016.

Call us at 904-819-9700 for more information and a list of the thirteen matters that must be addressed in these cases. We are the experts.